Songs by Maxim Hurwicz

These are songs I've written.

Going Thru Some Changes

Going Thru Some Changes

Hey Yeah Whatever

I Cry Myself to Sleep

Get Offa My Back

It’s Time For Letting Go

Out Again Late Tonite

It Coulda Been Me

When I Touch Me

There's Something Wrong With Me

There's No Time For Love

Oh No Not You Again

You’re My Car

Do I Have To Mean It Too?

When I just Wanna Be Close to You

In The Beans

Quicksilver Romance

It Doesn't Matter to a Fool

Even If You Wanted Me To

I'm Having the Time of My Life

Dig a Little Deeper

I'd Like to Write a Song For You

I'm Getting Used to Being Used

You Might As Well Do It

Against a Woman Like You

Kinda Late to Fall in Love

You Won't Believe I Cried

Sad Old Song

Today I'm Wanting Her


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