Curing fungal infections

Fungal infections have many names

Fungal infections have many names, mostly depending on where the infection appears. Jock itch, athletes' foot or whatever. They are all simply cases where a fungus has taken over some area of your skin.

I had a fungal infection and I simply pass on to you what worked for me. I'd write more here but you can download the book and see if it sounds right for you. The book is free and you can get the required treatment ingredients at any Walmart (or similar store).

Click on the link below to download my book on how to cure any of these fungal infections and get back to normal.

Click here to download my book, "Getting Back to Normal" (free, in pdf format).

For those of you with deep pockets, you can buy it here on Etsy for under $2.

Where to get products
to cure your jock itch or athletes foot

NOTES:  Most of these products are cheaper at Walmart.

Equate and Ting are both powder sprays with 2% miconazole. I think they are the same with different names!

Be sure to order a POWDER spray…NOT liquid spray!!!

Borax powder

Available on Amazon


in Walmart stores for $4 (in the detergent isle)

Also available in most grocery stores

Ting Athlete’s Foot Spray

Available on Amazon


in Walmart stores for around $3 a can

Ting Athlete’s Foot Spray 5 pack

Available on Amazon

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