Grass Gator brush-cutter head

I tried out the Grass Gator Head (2 videos, here and here), which has three solid blades for tougher jobs.  Instead of string whipping around, I now had three hard nylon blades.

I watched as it cut down bushes with finger-sized trunks. I decided not to try it on any actual fingers (Fran is such a party pooper sometimes).

But really, I was able to cut through some 1/2” trunks of some tough brush. I was impressed by that and also impressed the Echo Trimmer was powerful enough to handle the task.

The clever thing about the Grass Gator is the blades swing out from centrifugal force, so they can fold back if you hit an extra tough object. That means your trimmer doesn’t get bogged down or stop. It’s like having built-in shock absorbers.

I used the nylon bladed “Light Duty” model, but there is also an “Extra Heavy Duty” model with steel blades.

The Grass Gator - test and review

Cutting thick brush and tall grass

The Grass Gator - Installing the brush-cutter head 

on an Echo string trimmer

Nylon blades: around $13

Steel blades: around $20

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