How to repaint the inside of your microwave

Rust? Peeling paint? Re-paint the inside of your microwave!

Four steps

1. CLEAN — Remove grease and old food

2. SCRAPE and SAND — Remove loose paint and rust

3. PAINT — Mask edges and apply special paint. You can buy the Microwave Cavity Paint here.

4. Add a SILICONE MAT — place a silicone mat on the microwave’s floor for the wheels to ride on. This protects the paint from the grinding wheels. You simply cut out a hole in the center of the mat. You can buy the mat here.

OPTIONAL: I went a bit overboard and replaced the roller wheel. I bought the wheel here

The paint inside my microwave had been gradually blistering and peeling for a long time. I finally decided to re-paint it. 

I made two videos showing how to paint inside a microwave:

a 5 minutes overview how to video

a 20 minute detailed how to video

Materials list

‍        Paper bags/newspaper/whatever you have

‍        2 mil plastic sheet, like this

‍        Cardboard boxes (to cover floor)

  • Removable tape 

‍        (I used Green painter’s tape) (you can find it in stores for $3)

‍    NOTE: put used paper towels outdoors to dry, when dry place in the trash

‍    NOTE about SANDPAPER: 

‍    coarse = 100 grit, medium = 150,  fine = 220, very fine = 400 to 600


  • Remove and clean glass plate (soap and water)
  • Remove and clean carousel (with Bartender’s Friend and water)
  • Sand rough wheels with fine or very fine sandpaper
  • Wash inside microwave with soapy water, rinse with plain water
  • Scrub inside microwave until clean with Bartender’s Friend and a no-scratch sponge
  • Rinse with plain water and allow to dry completely (optional: use fan or hair dryer)


  • Remove flaking paint (using coarse sandpaper, scraper or fingernails)
  • Sand off rust (coarse, then medium, then fine sandpaper)
  • Feather edges of bare spots (fine sandpaper)
  • Remove dust from sanding (Vacuum off dust, then clean with paint thinner and paper towels and allow to dry)
  • Tape off edges
  • Lightly sand off gloss from glossy paint with fine sandpaper
  • Remove dust from sanding

Safety items

‍    Unplug or turn off power at circuit breaker panel (to turn off light)

‍    Set up an exhaust fan (to remove odors)


  • Mask off areas to protect from paint overspray/drips or to define edges
  • Put something to fill center hole (rolled up paper or foam rubber)
  • Mask off to prevent overspray and/or to define edges
  • Spray painting

‍        Shake thoroughly (at least 2 minutes with ball moving)

‍        Turn nozzle to align nozzle with mark on rim

‍        Test on waste material (for best distance and coverage)

‍        Paint microwave with several light coats

‍        Let paint become tacky between coats

If paint bubbles

‍    Let paint dry completely, then sand smooth and repaint with lighter coats


  •     Place 1/2 cup of water in microwave
  •     Cook on high for one minute
  •     Feel where you painted to detect any hot spots or bubbling paint

‍        If you have a hot spot, let dry, then paint more light layers there

‍         If paint bubbles, sand down, then repaint


Reinstall carousel turntable and glass plate

You’re done!

I put a silicone mat below the roller wheels to protect the paint. A hole was cut for the roller’s axle to pass through.

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