8 ways to cure scabies 

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About this blog


About this blog

The goal of my website has always been to share what I learned when I had a stubborn case of scabies. To give you the information you might need to get educated and make better decisions.  

I had a stubborn case of scabies several years ago. Due to doctors’ misdiagnosis and difficulty getting treatments I had to figure out how to cure myself. I built this website to document the research I did and the experiences I had. My focus has been to exclusively rely on scientific clinical testing and not rumors or testimonials or bogus product claims.

At the bottom of every page I have a link to email me directly. I always answer every email sent to me. Over the years I have exchanged over 10,000 emails answering questions, clearing up confusions and sharing peoples’ difficulties.

Many topics come up repeatedly so this blog is meant to share that overflow of information.. I have written a ton of pages with lots of information, and I hesitate to add to “the pile”. I fear burying people in information.

It’s funny…way back when I made this website it was mainly out of a sense of duty to those who might follow in my footsteps…to save everyone time, money and effort. I foolishly assumed medical science would catch up and make my little website unnecessary. Although the world is gradually adding this “new” information, there is still a huge problem with misdiagnosis, hard-to-find treatments and many people spreading misinformation.

And so we carry on!


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Full disclosure: I have personally bought and used almost everything I mention on my web site. I search for good deals on good products for myself and tell you where to find them. If you buy from Amazon I do get a small commission, but you get the same price you would anyway. Most of the other stores I mention pay me nothing, but if they are convenient or have a good deal, I tell you. 

Thanks for your support. I'm not getting rich doing this. When folks use the product links I can see they care. It is a fair amount of work keeping the site up. And of course you can email me anytime.

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