5 ways to cure scabies 

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Sulfur Soap and Scabies

Sulfur soap is a popular treatment for treating scabies. There are no scientific studies to show if sulfur soap "works" or not.

But sulfur has been a successful treatment for scabies for over 2000 years, so I'm sure using the soap can only help. If nothing else sulfur can help to ease the scabies itch.

Three kinds of sulfur soap

Braunfels Labs has three kinds of sulfur soap. 

1. One with 10% sulfur, plain and simple.

2. a second special sulfur soap with 10% sulfur plus tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is another treatment which has not been shown to cure scabies on its own, but is often added to other treatments.  It has not been shown to cure scabies. I only see a 25 pack of this variety, but maybe a smaller quantity will appear soon. 

3. A third kind of sulfur soap with salicylic acid added called SAL3. This is sometimes used to treat acne. DO NOT USE THIS to treat scabies. It is too irritating to your poor skin. 

I have no connection with Braunfels Labs, I just appreciate the quality of their products. And they are very transparent about the good ingredients they use.

But sulfur soap alone will NOT cure scabies! Soap only leaves a thin layer…most gets washed off. A lotion or cream is much thicker and more effective. If you want to do an effective sulfur treatment you need to also use 10% sulfur lotion or cream. You can buy pre-mixed 10% sulfur in tubs. — links to some good ones are down below. Here is a study which showed applying sulfur lotion works. Here is another study showing sulfur, permethrin and benzyl benzoate can all be effective scabies treatments. 

Or you can save money by making your own 10% sulfur lotion.  It's easy to do. You simply mix a sulfur powder or a concentrated sulfur ointment with regular skin lotion. Of course buying pre-mixed is tidier, but I made my own and it was no big deal. 

Regardless, it took about 3 ounces of sulfur lotion to cover my 250 lb. body. And you need to apply the 10% sulfur lotion 3 nights in a row, leaving it on for 12 hours (overnight), shower it off, and then reapply 12 hours later. And then usually repeat that each week for 2 to 5 weeks depending on how stubborn your scabies are. Click here for my complete instructions for using 10% sulfur lotion as a treatment for scabies.

Braunfels Labs has a good record of using natural products in their many products. For instance, their Sulfur Butter ’n’ Cream contains "pure organics - Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, together with Shea Butter, Coconut, and natural ingredients."

The "butter cream" is thick, but it softens and spreads easily as you apply it to your warm skin.

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