8 ways to cure scabies 

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Scabies Life Cycle — Why you do treatments at least weekly


Scabies Life Cycle — Why you do weekly treatments

In the scabies life cycle a pregnant female burrows under the skin and then nibbles a tunnel while laying a couple eggs a day. Then the eggs hatch and the new mites come up to the skin’s surface and hide in pores or trenches as they grow. When they are 10 to 14 days old they are mature, they mate, the male dies and the pregnant females burrow in and starts the whole cycle over again.

This is why you only need to do a single topical treatment once a week. You are killing the immature mites before they reach 10 days old.

Very little of the topical treatment actually penetrates the skin, plus it is easy to miss a spot, and sometimes a person may have impenetrable patches of thick, hard skin so not all the under-skin pregnant females may be killed by a single treatment.

After a treatment sometimes people feel better because they have wiped out the surface mites (and some of the subsurface ones, too). But over the next few days more eggs hatch and come the hatchlings come up to the surface and they can gradually itch more as the week goes by.

That’s why you keep whacking them weekly.

And you can do more than one treatment each week, if you decide to. And you can mix and match by doing spinosad on Day 1 and then permethrin on Day 3. There are no laws about this…it is your choice. 

Plus you can take oral ivermectin once or twice a week (on consecutive days or every 3or4 days).

Once all the eggs have hatched (or killed) and all the adult mites under the skin plus all the immature mites on the skin surface are dead you are cured.

As far as I know, the only thing that kills the eggs is spinosad.

But all the treatments kill the hatchlings and adults.

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