8 ways to cure scabies 

with the Healthy Skin Program

Treating children and infants for scabies

What is different about children or babies?

Treating babies (under 2 months old)

Here is the recipe for mixing up 5% sulfur lotion

Here is the recipe for making 6% sulfur lotion:

Treating children (over 2 months old)

What is different about children or babies?

Our immune systems work to fight off scabies mites, eggs and anything else that invades our bodies. Children, and especially babies, do not have fully developed immune systems, so they are more vulnerable to a scabies invasion. Sometimes babies can wind up with scabies all over, even on their face (which is very rare in adults).

Also, children and babies can be more sensitive to harsh treatments. So it is important to use milder treatments.

Treating babies (under 2 months old)

Eurax lotion or cream contains 10% crotamiton. It is very soothing. It eases itching, softens skin and it kills scabies mites.

On page 6 of the Healthy Skin Program it says:

"Infants less than 2 months of age are treated with sulphur 5% cream daily for 2 to 3 days or crotamiton 10% cream (Eurax) daily for 3 to 5 days. Wash off and reapply the cream each day."

With sulfur cream you leave it on for 12 to 24 hours and then wash it off. You do for 3 days in a row.

With Eurax you leave it on for 24 hours, wash it off and then re-apply (and leave it on). You do that for 3 to 5 days in a row.

Permethrin is not recommended for use on children less than 2 months of age” [They put that in bold type]

Stanford University suggests 10% crotamiton (Eurax) or 6% sulfur lotion, so I give recipes (below) for both 5% and 6% lotions (click here for where to get and use them). 

Sulfur can dry out one's skin, so Eurax is better because it moisturizes skin. But sulfur lotion is much cheaper and will come sooner when you order it (sulfur lotion takes a few days to arrive, Eurax comes from overseas takes about 10 days).

Nu-Stock is 73% sulfur, 22% mineral oil (baby oil) and 2% pine oil. So you have to dilute it with baby lotion to 5% concentration. Don't apply it straight from the tube! Also, it is called an "ointment", but it feels just like baby lotion. It isn't greasy at all. It does smell of sulfur, so if that offends you, the Eurax lotion and cream are odorless. 5 or 6 percent sulfur lotion is very diluted…it hardly smells at all. I preferred the Eurax lotion because it disappeared into my skin, whereas the cream sort of stayed on the surface like a cold cream. Preferences vary, so choose for yourself.

Here is the recipe for mixing up 5% sulfur lotion

1 part Nu-Stock ointment + 14 parts baby lotion = 5% sulfur lotion


1 tablespoon Nu-Stock sulfur ointment + 7/8 cup baby lotion = about a cup of 5% sulfur lotion (this will go a long way!)

Here is the recipe for making 6% sulfur lotion:

1 part Nu-Stock sulfur ointment + 12 parts baby lotion


1 tablespoon Nu-Stock sulfur ointment + 3/4 cup baby lotion = about 3/4 cup 6% sulfur lotion.

Mix up the lotion in a clean container and stir thoroughly. The Nu-Stock ointment is a tan color, so you can see when it is fully mixed. You can store it in a clean bottle or in a ziplock bag.

Treating children (over 2 months old)

In the Healthy Skin Program "Everyone older than 2 months is treated with 5% permethrin cream. Treatment should be applied late in the afternoon or evening, left on overnight (8–12 hours) and washed off in the morning.

It must be applied from head to toe, ensuring the whole body is covered but avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Any person with scabies should have a second treatment of 5% permethrin at 1–2 weeks."

One can also use a 10% sulfur lotion or benzyl benzoate lotion or Eurax lotion/cream (click those links for where to get them and how to use them). You can order sulfur concentrate and it will arrive in 2 days. Eurax and benzyl benzoate are ordered from England or Australia and take 10 days to arrive.

After the first treatment, any surviving eggs will hatch. It takes 10-14 days for those hatchlings to mature enough to lay new eggs. So the first treatment kills mature mites and some of the eggs. If you do another treatment a week later (on day 8), you kill the newly hatched mites. If you wish, you can do another treatment a week later (on day 15) to be extra sure no survivors remain. I have a schedule you can follow here.

Anyway, the bottom line is the Healthy Skin Program can be tailored to any age person.

Click here to download their 27 page Healthy Skin Program booklet.

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