8 ways to cure scabies 

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How to choose a scabies treatment

8 Cures for Scabies

It isn’t easy to pick one because none are a perfect choice.


Video: the 5 cures for scabies

 Lotions and creams 

Spinosad 0.9% lotion

Pro: non-irritating, proven on crops and chickens for decades, and on humans in recent studies. Even used on organic crops so it’s more “natural”

Con: it’s new so there isn’t much of a track record

Cost: $10-$15 if you make your own lotion (purchase here)

$200 for the prescription lotion Natroba™

Sulfur lotion or cream

Pro: eases itching, cheap, available in 2 days, has been used 2000 years

Con: mild skin irritation, mild sulfur odor

Cost: $15 if you make your own lotion (purchase here)

$30 - 60 for pre-mixed, natural/organic creams

Permethrin cream or lotion

Pro: cheap if you have insurance or mix it up yourself, USA doctors will actually prescribe it

Con: prescription version expensive with no insurance, mild skin irritation, you're not supposed to make your own (you have to decide)

Cost: DIY treatment $20-30 for entire treatment, even for several people; 

Prescription $80 to $400 ($80 for each prescription dose — multiply $80 times number of doses needed)

Benzyl Benzoate lotion

Pro: comes premixed, has been used for many years

Con: can sting when initially applied, can be ordered from overseas and takes 10 days to arrive or there is an pet product called KIllitch

Cost: $40-50

Purchase made in the USA benzyl benzoate here.

$7/large bottle, but $35 for shipping; also available for animals in a lotion called KIllitch for around $50

Eurax cream or lotion

Pro: very soothing, softens skin, eases itching, great for children or as an extra medicine

Con: not as powerful as other treatments, has to be ordered from overseas and takes 10 days to arrive

Cost: varies a lot

Around $15 from overseas, but around $400 in USA!

Ivermectin lotion

Pro: no irritation, effective in a couple clinical tests, inexpensive if you make your own, easy to use

Con: limited data from clinical testing, prescription version hard to get and wildly expensive, you're not supposed to make your own, shouldn’t take oral ivermectin or moxidectin at the same time

Cost: $30-40 DIY for a quart (liter) but prescription version is $2,000 for 2 applications (6 oz)

 Oral (pills or paste) 

Ivermectin (oral - pill or paste)

Pro: almost no side effects, can be used WITH the other treatments, has been used safely by millions of people

Con: pills hard to get in USA, horse paste is approved for mammals/animals only, one has to take it once or twice a week

Cost: $5 to $200

prescription pills $30/dose (multiply $30 times number of doses, anywhere from 2 to 10)

horse paste $1/dose (depending on your body weight, a single $5 package of horse paste supplies 5 to 10 doses)

Moxidectin (paste/gel)

Pro: one dose lasts for over two months, had good results in animals

Cons: only safety testing for humans has been done, no proof it works to cure scabies in humans, approved for animals only

Cost: under $20

Gel $4/dose (depending on your body weight, a single $20 package of gel supplies 5 to 8 doses)

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