8 ways to cure scabies 

with the Healthy Skin Program

The Healthy Skin Program

What is the Healthy Skin Program?

It is a treatment plan for curing scabies. 

It was developed because there is a severe problem with scabies among the aborigines in Northern Australia. In some Aborinal communities 50% of children and 25% of adults have scabies. They needed a way to treat whole communities at once. They needed to have different plans for mild and severe cases. 

What’s different about the Healthy Skin Program?

The unique thing about the Healthy Skin Program is that they sometimes use both a topical lotion ("topical" means applied on your skin) and an oral medication at the same time. That means they attack the mites from outside in and inside out. It also means if the mites have some resistance to one of the medications, they probably won't have resistance to two of them.The two medications are usually 5% permethrin lotion and oral ivermectin. They also have the option of using 25% benzyl benzoate lotion instead of permethrin. That's great because some scabies mites have developed a resistance to permethrin.

For children they suggest "5% sulphur cream daily for 2-3 days or 10% crotamiton cream (Eurax) daily for 3-5 days for babies less than 2 months. Wash off and reapply the cream once each day."

So ultimately that means they include five different treatments in their program. That's great because about 10% of scabies cases don't respond to a given treatment. I means if permethrin cream doesn't work you can try benzyl bezoate lotion or sulfur lotion or crotamiton lotion (Eurax lotion or cream). Plus they recognize the mites can cause a bacterial infection, so in that case an antibiotic is in order.

When I was doing their program, I used 5% permethrin cream once a week, but on the "off days" (when I wasn't using the permethrin and ivermectin) I used 10% suflur lotion for three days and 10% crotamiton another week for a few days. But I had a particularly severe case of scabies, so I was waging war.

Anyway, the bottom line is the Healthy Skin Program can be tailored to any case of scabies, from mild to severe to stubborn.

Click here to download their 27 page booklet.

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